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Zozoï Restaurant is located in the Old Town of Marbella, just off Plaza Altamirano, a few blocks away from the Main Church Square. Choosing only the freshest from a tremendous variety of local ingredients and adding our own creativity, we offer seasonal menus alongside daily specials.

We believe that fresh is best.

Zozoï is open every day of the week, except on tuesdays. We are open from 7pm till late.

The Team

Where to park?

Convenient parking either on Calle Muro, to the East, below the Parque Alameda, to the South, or right off Orange Square to the North West.

Our friendly, professional staff and we wish you a warm welcome to Zozoï.

– The Zozoï Team


Tom Kha Kai, Thai soup with coconut milk, chicken, Kaffir, Citronnella

Nems of Saigon, Pork and Vegetables, served like over There

Tomato stuffed with Belgian North Sea brown shrimp

Veal roast cooked at low Temperature, served like a Vitello Tonato

Between Tartare and Ceviche, Seabass Marinated with Vanillia and Lime

Scallops, poached in Safran and sea fumet creamy sauce

Caramelized Baby ribs, served with a Coleslaw

Mix Starter Zozoï


Nile Perch filet Asian style cooked in Banana leaf with Vegetables

Whole Gilt Head, cooked like a Tajin, citrus fruits and honey

Filet of Salmon, deckhand Cut 300Gr, special Béarnaise sauce, french fries and salad

Red Curry with Scallops and Prawns, Coconut milk and peanuts Butter

Sole fish Meunière, Butter, Parsley and Lemon

King Crab, cream of Cayenne, spinachs and mashed potatoes


Margarita: Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Basil

Zola: Gorgonzola, Smoked duck filet, pear and walnuts

Carpaccio: Rucola, Parmesan cheese, Beef Carpaccio and Truffle Oil

Byzance: Figs Chutney, Goat cheese, Mozzarella y Rucola

Rica: Spinachs, Ricotta, salmon and ground pepper

Artiste: Artichoke caviar, ham, mozzarella, rucola and limon oil

Ô: Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, eggplant and fennel seeds


Chamonix, Goat cheese, Scotich Lox and red onions and sour cream

Amusoir, Diced Bacon sauted, blue cheese Roquefort Papillon and walnuts, reduced balsamic dressing

Lagavulin, Avocado “local production”, prawns and Single Malt cocktail

Caius, Hand-pulled Roast chicken, piece of Parmesan and crouton fried in salted butter, Cos lettuce leaves

Healthy, Rucola, virgen olive oil, Tofu, cucumber, tomato and Black olives

Bô Bun: Rice noodles, , peanuts, cucumber, mint, coriander, oyster sauce,  nems and fried onions


**Hand-cut steak Tartare, Brussels style with challots, parsley and condiments

**Galician Beef Tendreloin steak, Your choice of sauce

**Galician Ribeye steak, Your choice of sauce

Chicken Massaman Curry, vegetables and Jasmine Rice

**Roasted SpareRibs caramelized with reduction of sugar cane, tomato and citrus fruits

Pluma Iberica Cassoulet style, lacked with Badiane and balasamic caramel


**Our Meats comes with French fries and Salad


Béarnaise -Choron -Green Pepper -Mushrooms -Blue cheese


Linguini with foie gras and black truffle oil sauce

Penne al Arrabiata “ Hot and Spicy tomato”

For those who want more

Jasmine rice

Mashed potatoes / Baked patato

Creamy spinachs

Steamed Vegetables of the season

French fries done in Beef Oil

Mixed salad